Institutional Investors Bet Big on AI Technology: AI Tokens Soar

• Institutional investors are investing heavily in AI technology and other trends such as machine learning, AI integration, blockchain, and distributed ledger technology.
• Despite the crypto market pullback, AI tokens have been performing incredibly well.
• FET and AGIX from SingularityNET have seen more than 100% gains each, becoming some of the best-performing tokens in the space.

Institutional Investors Bet Big On AI Technology

A recent JP Morgan survey has revealed that institutional investors are going big on AI technology. The survey which featured 835 institutional traders in six total global markets showed a very clear interest from large investors when it comes to AI. This sentiment toward AI has now increased drastically from the 25% of investors who previously revealed they were investing in the technology, to 53% of all institutional investors. Alongside growing interest in AI was also increasing interest in machine learning technology, while other technologies such as blockchain and distributed ledger technology saw 14% and 12% of respondents saying that they were invested in them.

AI Tokens Win Big In Crypto Market

Since OpenAI’s ChatGPT launch and popularity, AI tokens have been doing incredibly well despite the crypto market pullback with these tokens remaining green in a sea of red. This performance may just be beginning as institutional investors are throwing their hats into this ring with Artificial Intelligence technology. FET and AGIX from SingularityNET have already seen more than 100% gains each, becoming some of the best-performing tokens in the space.

Cryptocurrency Trading Low Among Institutional Investors

Interestingly though, there is still low engagement with cryptocurrencies among these institutional investors – only 8 percent of these traders mentioned that they were actively trading cryptocurrencies whereas 72 percent said that they had no plans to trade digital coins at all yet.

Impact Of Growing Interest In AI Technology On Crypto Market

As institutional investor sentiment continues to shift towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies like Machine Learning (ML), its impact on cryptocurrency markets could be significant over time given that many digital assets are being developed using these technologies today or will likely be developed using them soon – making them much more attractive investments for institutions looking for long-term returns without taking on too much risk exposure at once.


It appears that despite widespread adoption not quite yet occurring within traditional financial institutions when it comes to cryptocurrencies – particularly those based on decentralized networks built upon DLT – there is an undeniable trend towards greater involvement with novel technologies like artificial intelligence by large-scale organizations seeking higher returns than what is available through traditional stock markets alone – something which will likely give a much needed boost to crypto asset prices over time due to increased demand for such assets amongst sophisticated players..

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