fore today, the address was involved in a total of 6 outgoing transactions, worth a total of approximately $412. This means that in its inactive period, the Dogecoin wallet managed to amass a profit of 28,055%.

Catchy Headline

Dogecoin Wallet Reactivated After 9.3 Years, Achieves 28,055% Profit

• A very old Dogecoin wallet containing 1,215,614 DOGE has been activated after 9.3 years of dormancy.
• The first transaction that the Dogecoin wallet was involved in took place on December 21, 2013 and was worth 0.1 DOGE.
• During the time that the address was active back in the day, it received DOGE worth a total of about $412, implying that in its inactive period it managed to amass a profit of 28,055%.

Dogecoin Wallet Reactivated After 9.3 Years

Data shows a Dogecoin wallet that had previously been dormant for 9.3 years has suddenly shown signs of activity today with an incoming transfer of 1,215,614 DOGE which is worth around $116,000 at the current exchange rate.

First Transaction

The very first transaction that this Dogecoin wallet was involved in took place on December 21, 2013 and saw an incoming of just 0.1 DOGE into the address – shortly after Dogecoin launched on December 6th.

Previous Activity

Before its final outgoing transaction before dormancy on 16 January 2014, the address had observed a constant stream of small deposits with a total value of about $412 at the time made up by all transfers combined.

Recent Activity

The holder sent out about 823 DOGE ($79) as part of their first transfer since reactivating their wallet followed shortly by another transaction for 116,000 DOGE ($11100). The transactions cost them only 1 DOGE in fees combined.


This long-dormant Dogecoin wallet has now woken from its slumber and amassed an impressive 28,055% increase in profits throughout its inactive period – making it yet another success story amongst cryptocurrency holders!

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